Yoga Room 

Personalised Yoga session, practical tips, strengthening and stretches and meditation

Duration and Price 

25 mins £15

55 mins £25

All digital services are free for NHS staff.


Our personalised yoga sessions are a great way to maintain your mental and physical health while you are currently staying at home. Our yoga teachers use a number of yoga techniques such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin/Restorative depending on your yoga preference.

During sessions: 

Each session begins with a consultation to ensure that the session can be tailored to your yoga experience. Your yoga teacher will then take you a variety of stretches and poses that are synchronised to your breath. Each movement will not only calm your mind but will also sculpt, strengthen and align your body.


As sessions are personalised you are able to work through your poses with a qualified teacher and get real time feedback to ensure you maintain the correct posture throughout.


The session will then end with a guided meditation leaving you feeling calm, connected and present.

Tel: 020 7873 2073

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