Wellness Workshops

It’s no secret that employees are increasingly reporting higher levels of stress and suffering with more stress-related issues than ever before. This can have a significant, long-term impact on productivity, emotional balance, tension, and with a number of additional issues that affect an individual both physically and psychologically. 


Here at In Mind and Body, we are committed to providing your teams with tailored solutions to support a healthy lifestyle. Our workshops can be delivered either to groups or individuals, as Lunch and Learn sessions or as workspace consultations. Our trainers, practitioners, and professional coaches have had many years experience within their dedicated fields and provide insightful knowledge into particular topics.
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Attention & Focus
  • Better Communication
  • Improve Team Working 
  • Better Emotional Intelligence 
Mindfulness Workshops
  • Make Healthy Food Choices
  • Natural Foods to Sustain Energy
  • Learn about Brain Foods
  • Raise Concentration Levels 
  • Benefits of a Nutritional Lifestyle
Nutrition Workshops
Posture Wellness
  • Understand what is Good Posture
  • Reduce Muscular Skeletor Disorders
  • Reduce Pain & Prevent Injuries
  • Stretching techniques shown
  • Improved Circulation 
Stress Management
  • Understand & Manage Emotions
  • Managing Feedback & Criticism 
  • Discover the science behind Fight or Flight 
  • Strengthen Emotional Intelligence 
  • Understand Good Stress & Bad Stress
Equip your employees with the tools they need to make the right choices.

Workshops Length

90 mins to half a day

Workshop Delivery

On site 

Group Workshop Size

Up to 20ppl


 CPD Certified workshops

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Enhance your employees’ wellness with bespoke corporate workshops

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