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Complimentary therapies to improve Wellbeing in the short and long term

The daily grind often makes us feel like we are living in Groundhog Day, and we go from day to day doing what we can to get by, without actually addressing our needs in order to alleviate stresses.


At In Mind and Body, we have an array of complimentary therapies that are designed to improve wellbeing in both the long and short term.


Stress has adverse effects on our minds and bodies, and unless we do something to help our bodies with the natural strains of life, eventually, things will start to breakdown.


Our treatments have been individually designed in order to not only reduce the psychological effects of stress, but also reverse the effects that are already there.


Clients at In Mind and Body have reported improvements such as:


  • Better decision making

  • Improved memory function

  • Improved relationships


We aim to create accessible wellness treatments and do what we can to cater to all of our client’s individual needs; we understand that no two people are the same, which is why we don’t believe in a one size fits all treatment path.


Our Range of Wellness Treatments to Improve the Mind & Body 

Life Coaching

Life coaching is like having that little angel on your shoulder who encourages you to do the best that you possibly can. We help you to manage your stresses, create a balance and feel positive in terms of your own wellbeing.


An effective technique that rebalances your energy and offers complete relaxation.

An open mind is a great start, and the more you immerse yourself in the reiki experience, the more likely you are to feel the benefits.

Massage Therapy

Our range of massage therapies are designed to be luxurious, serene and completely relaxing.  Eases tension, boosts wellbeing and leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Crystal Therapy

One of the oldest treatments on the planet, yet one that has only become more popular in recent years, our crystal therapy is all about addressing your problems and boosting your health and wellbeing using an array of different crystals. 


Possibly one of the best know wellbeing activities on the planet, meditation strengthens mind. Guided meditation to suit all experience levels. You to feel the effects immediately.

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Personalised Programmes

We listen to what you have to say, what your problems are, and where you hope to see yourself in the future. By doing this, we can then create personalised programmes that cater to your exacting needs and requirements.

Confirmation of Booking 

For all single treatments payment is required up front  to confirm your appointment.

This is refundable required you give 48 hours cancellation notice.

Treatment at Home

Our treatments are delivered in the comfort of your home with as little as 4 hours notice depending on availability.

Treatment at one of our Practice Rooms 

For convenience we also use two practice in East and North London.  



2A Prebend Street

N1 8PT


This venue is an 8 min                   
walk from Angel tube station.                                                                       


Peterhouse Centre
122 Forest Rise
E17 3PW

This venue is a 6min
walk from Wood          street 
train station.

"If you work with your body, your body will work with you"

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