Reiki Training Courses

Natasha Rhone is Usui and Seichem Reiki Master and Teacher Trainer and has been involved in spiritual and energy practices for the last 5 years.

She also qualified as a life coach, crystal healing therapist, Meditation teacher and massage therapist. Her number of different studies is a reflection of her authentic passion for supporting people spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Natasha's reiki workshops are designed to be empowering, inspiring and open up exploration of your higher vibrational true self.

Reiki Workshop Levels

Level 1 - Shoden  (Self healing) 

This workshop is designed for those who want to explore and understand what reiki is and the benefits it brings. 

You will learn self healing techniques and be able to use this techniques to begin your journey of greater spiritual awareness. 

Level 2 - Okunden (Practitioner)

This practitioner level course is for those who want to work towards becoming a Reiki Master and trainer. You will learn more about how to deepen your connection to reiki, and spend time looking at spiritual and intuitive development. After completion of this course you will be eligible to take the level 3 course.   

Level 3 - Shinpiden including Shihan Training (Master and Trainer)

This Master Trainer and practitioner level course is an extensive course where you will receive the practical knowledge in order to further your spiritual connection and commitment to reiki. 

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