The 7 Major Chakras and their Functions

You may have heard the word “chakra” thrown about, and wandered what they are, and how they work. Chakra’s or “energy centres” are points around, and on the body, which have individual functions and purposes.

As energy passes through or rests in any one of your chakra points, this can have either a positive or negative influence on particular energy centres. For example, if a chakra point becomes unbalanced or blocked this can an have impact on mental states such as mood, emotions, self-beliefs, self-worth and creativity. It can also have an impact on physical related illnesses.

The word Chakra means “Wheel” and can be described as vortexes that are constantly spinning around the physical body. They are considered to be the focal point for the transmission and reception of bio-physical energy. These transmissions have high frequencies, in which scientists are able to detect through tests such as magnetic and electromagnetic, electrical, light, heat and sound.

Each human’s energy field has its own unique frequency, and as a whole, each person’s energy fields interacts with other humans, plants, minerals etc. This is why our environments can heavily influence our chakra’s, which in turn affect thoughts and feelings.

The 7 major chakra points locations and functions

Root Chakra – Base of Spine

The root chakra forms our foundation, it is associated with aligning instincts and feelings. The root chakra is also responsible for directing energy (chi) around the body and offers renewed energy, stability, and confidence. When balanced the root chakra influences grounding and connection to the physical world.

Sacral Chakra – Abdomen

The sacral chakra is related to emotions, desires and feelings, as well as sensations and reproductive functions. The sacral chakra is the cup of all our emotions, as when balanced it enhances creativity, allows you to go with the flow and helps form healthy relationships with others.

Solar plexus Chakra – Stomach

The solar plexus is related to ego identity and self-discipline. The solar plexus also governs our personal power and autonomy. It is also known as the self-power chakra as when balanced, it offers confidence, and the ability to achieve goals.

Heart Chakra – Centre of Chest

The heart chakra is related to love, both self-love and love towards others. The heart chakra determines our beliefs, ethics and values. A healthy heart chakra leads to disciplined behaviours and compassion for self and others.

Throat Chakra – The Throat

The throat chakra refers to our ability to communicate and express verbally. When the throat chakra is balanced it allows an individuals’ artistic abilities to be expressed, as well as the ability to be in a spiritual higher place.

Third eye Chakra - Centre of the forehead

The third eye is considered the gateway to enlightenment and is related to seeing both physically and intuitively. The third eye is central to inner perception, dreams, goals and ambitions, as it allows us to see the bigger picture.

Crown Chakra Top of the head

The crown chakra is our connection to mother earth and universe. It represents states of higher consciousness as pure awareness. When developed the crown chakra brings us spiritual connection, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Chakra’s are always in constant motion and, are constantly interpreting your consciousness and physical body. For example, if you are worried about something, you feel your tummy tighten, if you are in a happy relationship and it breaks up, your heart aches. These areas are associated chakra points which have been affected by this distress. Your Chakras are always interpreting your environment whether it be positive or negative.

Energy Healers look to rebalance chakra points to ensure the continuous flow of energy is maintained and balanced.

When Chakra’s are aligned, this enables you to operate from a higher frequency both mentally and physically, as when your body makes positive adjustments, your mind follows along for the ride.

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