Getting over the New Year Slump

Going back to work after the holiday season is very hard after having a relaxing break.

The good news is that it is the start of the new year and with that brings new opportunities and experiences.

If you have you not already focus on all the positives and write down your wish list for 2020 and try writing this down without placing any personal obstacles in your way (Don’t ever limit yourself).

Get clear on your purpose

Focus on the top two things that are most important to you on that list and besides it, write down all the things that would need it happen in order to make these goals achievable. For some keeping this as a reminder in their phone may be easier, as long as you can see it regularly and not become desensitised to seeing the message pop in your phone.

Why not try taking a picture of this note and also Keep this note on the mirror you use on a daily basis.

Let this be your motivator as to the reasons why you are getting up and going out work. Great things happen by taking one step at a time, the first step is the hardest step, but the most rewarding at the same time.

At In Mind and Body we can work with you to help you discuss what you want for your future and the ways in which you can achieve it.

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