Massage and Wellness Treatments

We offer a range of massage and wellness services provided by professional therapists to support your wellbeing. Our services can be provided on either a one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. ​

Available  Treatments
Swedish Massage 

Swedish massages is one of the most relaxing massages available. Swedish massages concentrate on muscular zones on the body and helps to improve blood circulation, muscles tension and to relax superficial muscles. After each massage therapy you will notice improvement in your movement and flexibility, as well as feeling emotionally and physically relaxed.

45 mins                                £50

60 mins                               £60

90 mins                               £75

120 mins                              £95

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep Tissue massages works to realign the deep layers of tissue within the muscles. Due to the stretching of muscles fibers, It a good technique for aching muscles, as well as those that workout regularly. Deep tissue massages also offer other benefits such as improved sleep, and improved posture.

45 mins                                £50

60 mins                               £65

90 mins                                £75

120 mins                              £95

Pregnancy Massage 

As the woman’s pelvis shifts to make room for the growing baby, this often causes discomfort especially in the lower back.

Having a pregnancy massage can help you relax and relieve any discomforts you are feeling during this precious time.

Massages not only benefit the new mummy to but it also helps the baby feel relaxed too.

45 mins                                £50

60 mins                               £65

90 mins                                £75

120 mins                              £95

Reiki / Seichem

Reiki is an ancient therapy which originated from Japan. Reiki supports the body's natural emotional and physical healing system. This includes promotion of better sleep, a calmer peaceful state of mind, reduced stress and anxiety.

60 mins                               £80

4x  60 min sessions            £300

6x  60 min sessions            £420

Crystal Therapy 

Crystal therapy uses vibrational forces to finalise and balance the body. Different crystals are used on various parts of the body to aid energy flow. 

Within each session it will clear your aura leaving you feeling balanced and recharged.

60 mins                                £80

4x  60 min sessions            £300

6x  60 min sessions            £420

Wellness Coaching Sessions

Our coaching service can support you in addressing your needs and finding optimal heath to improve physical, mental and emotional wellness. We can support you in making sustainable change that will leave you feeling confident, motivated and better focused. 

 3 Face to face sessions      £220

 6 Face to face sessions      £430

 12 Face to face sessions     £850

Combined Mind and Body treatments

Your mind and body are integrated systems and if one area is out of balance it can have an effect on the other. Which is why our Mind and Body treatments are tailored to support you find balance in all areas by working on psychological factors as well as physical. 

All  treatments include life coaching and then a combination of either one, two, three combined treatments. If you are not sure which treatment will be beneficial to you get in touch for a free consultation.

3 Wellness Coaching  Sessions

+1 hr wellness treatment           £300

+2 hrs wellness treatments       £350

+3  hrs wellness treatments      £400

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Chrystal Therapy 
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Gift vouchers available to purchase for either £10, £20, £40, £100 or 250.

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