Home Mindfulness Retreat

Personalised session, consultation, an overview of mindfulness practices and a relaxing guided meditation.

Duration and Price 

20 mins -  £15

25 mins -  £25

45mins  -  £35

All digital services are free for NHS staff.


Maintaining mental wellness has never been more important with the current global situation. You may be feeling uncertain, restless or anxious about what your future holds.

Our personalised mindfulness sessions are designed to support your mental wellbeing, leaving you feeling balanced, feeling present and leave your mind in a better state to make decisions about your future.

Each mindfulness session will be carried out via video call. However, you will have the option to either ave the screen open or blank. This is for those who do not necessarily feel comfortable with live screens.

During sessions: 

Our mindfulness experts will carry out a consultation with you to determine your mindfulness goals. They will then give an over view of how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life and answer any questions you may have. You will then be slowly led into a guided meditation that will help clear the clutter from your mind and calm down any overthinking. Towards the end of the meditation you will be guided out of your meditative state and then grounded, leaving you feeling balanced and present in the moment.

Our sessions may not suitable for you if: 

If you are seeking professional counselling or psychotherapy services, please contact either the samaritans on their free number 116 123 or SANEline on 0300 123 300. Alternately you can contact you GP. 

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