Personal Life Coaching 

There are very few people in your life that are more important than the one you see when you stand in front of the mirror.

At In Mind and Body, we offer personal coaching that takes a careful look at what is going on if your life right now and works with your present circumstances in order to get a plan together that encourages you to move forward.


Let’s get it straight – life isn’t perfect for anybody; we all have problems that we have to face, and we all have issues that linger. These things can cause us to feel demotivated and completely overwhelmed, which causes us to lose sight of the end game.

We help to bring it back into focus.


You see, sometimes two heads are better than one and by working with your own coach, you can reach your goals faster. We don’t place limits on you, and we encourage you to achieve everything that you want to and more.

If you want it, you can have it. We are your guide, but you are your true master.

  • Increased Motivation - You will understand your psychological motivations and drainers whilst keeping your aspirations strong on your journey to living a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Increased Self-confidence - You will stop over-thinking situations and start taking positive action. You will be able to remove communication frustrations and feel more confident communicating.

  • Better Clarity - You will learn to be mindful and shift perceptions to gain more clarity and awareness.

  • Stress Reduction- You will become clearer on your purpose and objectives, allowing you to have clearer manageable action plans for your personal and professional goals.

  • Better Work Life Balance - You will manage stress more effectively and create a balanced sense of wellbeing. You will have success in all areas of your life.

How we work

Phase 1

We start by looking at what you hope to achieve, and what holds you back.


You will address your personal vision and then move forward with a clear action plan that makes those goals achievable.


Phase 2

Your inner fears no longer have to scare you.


We will use psychological methods and tools to draw out your inner fears and face them head on, without dread or anxiety. We will analyse your skills and strengths and focus on building them up, which in turn, will raise your confidence.


Phase 3

The confidence phase.


Your new self-care habits will eliminate and minimise stress and decision making. Your newly empowered self will be strong enough to face things that used to scare you, and you will be clear and concise when it comes to saying what you want to achieve, and how you are going to do it.

The Kick Start Programme

Three personalised, upbeat and tailored hours of coaching.


We can do the kick start programme in three ways:

·      Over the phone

·      Skype

·      Face to face


If you are eager to explore coaching and have one specific issue that you want to work through, then this is the programme for you.


Ideal for those who need something doing fast, we can break this down into two, more bitesize sessions of 1.5 hours each.


The kick start programme includes:


·      Email support

·      Free resources

·      CPD certificate of achievement


The Energiser Programme

6 hours of personalised, hands-on coaching.


We can do the Energiser programme in three ways:

·      Over the phone

·      Skype

·      Face to face


The Energiser programme has proved to be our most popular course to date, due to it being well suited to those who want to explore what is holding them back in more depth.


Our action plan falls into place once we gain a deeper understanding of your goals and issues, allowing you to move forward more confident than you’ve ever been before.


Those who want to break it down into bitesize sessions can use their 6 hours in twelve 30-minute sessions.


The Energiser programme also includes:


·      Email support

·      Free resources

·      CPD certificate of achievement


The Fulfilment Programme

A no messing around, going all in, 12 hours of coaching package.


We can do the fulfilment programme in three ways:

·      Over the phone

·      Skype

·      Face to face

This course is perfect for those who are looking for an intense course that will address deep rooted issues and problems in a ​detailed manner, allowing you to make changes to your core being in order to move forward positively, without having to take the bad parts of your past and present with you.


You may feel like you are treading water and have tried many other options, but our 12-hour programme is comprehensive, completely tailored and will allow you to move forward with a new profound sense of self.


We also offer an action day for those who are really struggling. Please call for more details.


Those who want to break this course down can use their 12 hours in more bitesize, manageable sessions.


The Fulfilment programme also includes:

·      Personalised action plan

·      Email support

·      Free resources

·      CPD Certificate of Achievement

·      Action day

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