Take a look at our range of massage and wellness treatments

Offering a range of luxury massages to help ease tension and encourage complete relaxation.  

Offering bespoke combined therapy treatments, with the primary aim of bringing optimum balance to both your mind and body.

Life Coaching 

Life coaching will help you manage stress, create a balance and a sense of well-being. 

Offering a range of massage and wellness training services to support an organisations health and wellbeing programmes.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki targets the field of energy around your body, 

that releases blockages and encourages deep relaxation. 

Selling a range of self-care wellness products to support your inner and outer wellbeing.

 Crystal Healing 

Energy healing helps relieve stress and tension around the body and stores balance using Crystal's. 

Gift a friend, family member or colleague with a gift voucher for one of our luxury wellness treatments.

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Email: contact@inmindandbody.co.uk

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