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We see the value in supporting your workforce in gaining clear vision and direction with perspective and focus.

Provide your workforce with the support they need to gain clear vision and direction with perspective and focus.

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In today's markets, the rapid pace of change and the expectations placed on employees has a profound effect on them. As a result, coaching now plays an integral role in supporting employees’ growth and development.
At In Mind and Body, we believe it is important to equip your employees with the tools they need to make the best use of their experiences. This not only maximises productivity, but also supports sustain emotional balance by deepening self-awareness.
Coaching should not only be taken up when issues have arisen but also be deployed to ensure capabilities in performance are transformed and elevated.
Coaching is an effective and recognised way of improving individual and group performance against agreed key indicators. ​

All Coaching sessions delivered are  CPD accredited. 

How Does Coaching Work
Types of Coaching


We start by analysing the results of any previous performance reviews and identifying coaching objectives. We focus on uncovering blind spots, enhancing competencies, and overcoming performance obstacles. 

Individual Coaching sessions

Carried out

Face to Face  or via video calling 


Sessions will then be carried out face-to-face and via Skype. Email and Webinar support can also be provided depending upon the type of service you feel would work best for your teams.

Frontline Manager Coaching 


We are committed to ensuring that our coaching sessions are effective and show real, measurable results. A follow-up meeting will be set up three months after the final debrief to discuss the progress that has been made. 

Group  and Team Coaching 

Benefits of Coaching to your Organisation

An improved corporate culture

Better communication between teams

The identification of personal strengths

Improvement of employees' role capability

Staff taken pride in their role

Retention of key staff

Improved productivity

More strategic and focussed approach to new initiatives

Resolve changing relationships

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