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Massages are vital to relieving discomfort, reducing stress, and getting rid of tension.


Whether you do a job sitting at a desk, standing on your feet, or just simply want to feel more relaxed there are many benefits to having regular massages.​​

We offer a range of massage and wellness services provided by professional therapists to support the wellbeing of your teams. Our services can be provided on either a one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Massage Benefits

There are many benefits both physically and mentally to having regular massages. 

     Reduces anxiety and stress 

     Lowers blood pressure 

     Increases flexibility 

     Boosts the immune system

     Treats chronic back pain

Improves quality of sleep

Increased overall feeling of wellbeing

Elevates Mood

Enhances exercise performance

Reduces inflammation 

How it works

At In Mind and Body we care about your staff and want them to get the most out of our onsite massages. Our therapist(s) will work on the postural position that you would normally sit in using a therapist chair, in order to help relieve tension in the neck, back and arms. 

Before each treatment the therapists will have a brief consultation to discuss if there are any particular areas of concern. They will then adjust the chair to each individual to ensure maximum comfort.

Overview of Costs

On site Chair massage Prices

Number of Hours 

One off Booking

Recurring Booking 


2+ Hours

3 + Hours

4 + Hours








1 Hour 

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